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He’s a well known artist in India and winner of ComicCon India's Best Penciller-Inker Team of the Year Award, 2015. He has worked for Marvel Comics on Daredevil #6 to #9, Doctor Strange Annual, for Dark Horse on 'Disney's Aladdin- Four Tales of Abragah', In Boom! Studios he was work in Planet of apes: Ursus 4 to 6., And on 'Firefly' from issue 13-15, 16-19, 21-24. for Raj Comics on “Atankharta Nagraj #01-09 (40 pages issues), “Super Indian” #01-15 (48 Pages Issues), around 100 pages of covers and promotional artworks, for Diamond Comics “Shaktimaan” (11 Issues of 48 pages), for Zenescope Entertainment, “Grimm Fairy Tales #88, OZ-Age of Darkness, Wonderland-Age of Darkness”, for Campfire Graphic  Novels (9 Graphic Novels of 64-160 Pages), for Graphic India, Deepak Chopra's Myths of India #1. His four page comic strip was put on display at The Cartoon Museum, London in 2014. He was selected to participate in DC Comics' Talent Development Workshop 2016 and also did a 10 page Deadshot story in DC Comics' New Talent Showcase.


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