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Issac Del Rivero He was born in Gijón on February 17, 1957. Bachelor of Fine Arts in the University of San Ferna in Madrid (1981). At present he is an art teacher in secondary education in the Instituto El Piles in Gijón. Apart from his teaching activity he also works as an illustrator and comic artist. His comics and illustrations have been published in newspapers as La Voz de Asturias, Ya, El Comercio, El Norte de Castilla. He has collaborated with illustrations and covers for the collections S.O.S and Unicornio of the editorial Jucar. He creates the characters Tani, Sabel, Tapón y el Mago Xuan Tizón for the magazine Tapón of the Caja de Ahorros de Asturias. He draws The Punisher with the script of Richard Radney for Marvel U.S.A. For the editorial Planeta and with the script of Juan Carlos Cereza he draws the series Las Guerras del Purgatorio, Juegos Peligrosos and Nit. For the editorial Dude and with the script of Roy Thomas he draws the adaptation of Carmilla. He draws a couple of episodes of Conan for the editorial Planeta, with the script of J. C. Cereza. He collaborates as an illustrator with the american editorial SQP. He draws Vincent for the Black Week of Gijón with script of Jorge Iván Argíz. For the dock Athorities of Gijón, he draws and makes the script of " La historia del Puerto de Gijón en Cómic” and designs the mascot Muselín of the Dock. His latest works have been the adaptation to comic of the novel "La aldea perdida" from Palacio Valdés, for the Town Council of Laviana, and "El Musel 1907" for the Dock Athorities of Gijón. He has also worked in publicity, production of story boards, pedagogical videos, video games and television. His last work was 7 pages in álbum “CONTES ET LEGENDES DES REGIONS DE FRANCE T.1 – Provence” for Soleil Productions (France). He's last work is the album "le Transsibérien" for Soleil Prod.

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