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His first works were published in humor magazines and comics within his province. Afterwards, with fivemore friends he does ASPID, a magazine of comic anthology that is well known in Cuba and awarded with La Palma Real. During that period Fernando does his first graphic novel called CONTROL REMOTO. He also did the pencils of short stories for the swedish magazine Bamse. He writes and draws Tintero, a character of the newspaper Los Andes. And afterwards, in the newspaper La voz del Interior, he has been drawing for seven years the comic strip "Glippy y sus amigos". In the same newspaper he publishes caricatures. He also works illustrating the children's section of the newspaper Día a Día. After that, he writes and draws a satire of Superman called SUPERMAL. Nowadays he's doing the miniseries "The selected" with two experienced creatives from Ninja Turtles (TMNT) andhas done the pencils for "Tales of TMNT # 62", among backcovers and pin ups for Mirage Studios. Now after work in a graphic Novel “ciudad” for Onipress, In Inception Strategies (Ndria). For Dark Horse Comic (Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book)


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